Laughing from the heart

Remember the days when you jumped into every puddle on the road back home from school? Splashing slushy, muddy water on your friends and shrieking with joy at their returning splashes on you….oh, such fun! Even today, those memories bring back a broad grin to our faces! Have you wondered why we carefully avoid all puddles these days? why we fret over clean pants and clean shoes, rushing to reach office or where ever we need to be, and don’t spend the time, just watching the raindrops fall on the leaves, the road, filling it with puddles? Show me the rule book of adults that says we cannot jump into rainy water and play once we grow up! show me the page and line where it is written that we cannot laugh gleefully and with abandon? that we should always laugh at “appropriate” moments only? Well, here is the good news; there is NO SUCH BOOK! We are tied down by our own restrictions that we imbibed as part of growing up. But, if growing up means giving up how to laugh heartily, giving up all the things that brought us closer to happiness, to friends, then, oh, i don’t want to grow up!! Let’s do something crazy from our childhood each days, let’s play a simple prank and let’s start laughing from the heart again! After all, growing up was never meant to be boring and dull!!! 


Author: sukhwinder's thoughts

on the personal front, Sukhwinder is a thinker, a mother of two teenagers and a person who is passionate about life and living. Professionally, Sukhwinder is a human capital builder with more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of human enterprise & development, administration, Facilities Management. She has worked in various sectors that include Indian Army, IT & Telecom, B-Schools and Facilitation . She is an effective communicator with excellent relationship building & strong analytical aptitude towards problem solving, has a flair for consensus building and crisis management, is an effective leader and proficient people manager. Sukhwinder holds dual Masters’Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Management from University of Pune, Diploma in material management and six sigma certification.

2 thoughts on “Laughing from the heart”

  1. True Sukh, Growing up should not be dull & boring. During the 30s & 40s we are so busy with children & chasing our careers that we do not realize this. Myself & many of my friends who have crossed 50 have taken time for over selves & re-lived our younger days.
    Keep writing. It is wonderful, thought provoking, & touching. Your thoughts reach our heart instantly.


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