What defines us………


Whenever someone asks me to recollect some of the best moments of my life, this one stands out at the top of the list. It was a chilly November evening at Allahabad. The results had been announced just a couple of hours earlier and we had decided to step into town to celebrate. We were 6 girls, who had been shortlisted for the joining the Indian Army, from that batch of candidates.  I don’t think I walked that evening. I floated a foot above the ground. My step had a bounce, my swing had a swagger and my chest was pumped up! I felt I had conquered the tallest, most challenging peak of the world! That evening, the word “impossible” was non-existent. I looked at people walking around and smiled. I could push my body to limits they did not even know existed, I could race them and win effortlessly. I felt a warm glow of love for the whole mankind. I was in awe of my own self for this feat. I was skinnier than most girls there, had no background of sports or physical training. So what was it that helped me qualify? It is who I am. It is what defines me. No, not my body! It is the tiny mind and the thoughts in it that had led the body to deliver. The mind pumped the body to stretch itself, to perform all those tasks and do them better than others. It was the mind over the body that helped me succeed. In my mind, I had pictured each test and visualized myself completing it. Then the body would get into action and just play out the visual of the mind!

This simple formula of success has held me in good stead over the years, the mind over the body. The limits to the body are set by none other than our own selves. If we want to do more, we need to raise the limits and simply go for it!


Author: sukhwinder's thoughts

on the personal front, Sukhwinder is a thinker, a mother of two teenagers and a person who is passionate about life and living. Professionally, Sukhwinder is a human capital builder with more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of human enterprise & development, administration, Facilities Management. She has worked in various sectors that include Indian Army, IT & Telecom, B-Schools and Facilitation . She is an effective communicator with excellent relationship building & strong analytical aptitude towards problem solving, has a flair for consensus building and crisis management, is an effective leader and proficient people manager. Sukhwinder holds dual Masters’Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Management from University of Pune, Diploma in material management and six sigma certification.

5 thoughts on “What defines us………”

  1. After every success we feel same and disappointment make us go underground some Times. Age progress we realise we have not achieve or lost, wherever time takes us we. Just fellow and. Live happy when ever possible without hurting some one


  2. Maintaining calm and focus allows us to keep control on ourselves… You explained such a great concept of life so simply…… applaudable….


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