How deep is your love?

               This morning, I was waiting impatiently at a rd signal, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel and idly glanced outside the car window.  Sitting on old, worn out plastic chairs, soaking the early morning sun and sipping tea was a couple in the sunset years of their lives. they did not look anything out of the ordinary, the numerous such people one passes by everyday and doesn’t even notice. Except that this couple was different. It was in their eyes, in their smiles, in their manner, in the aura they exuded. As the old lady sipped from her cup, the old man looked at her with complete adoration, with pride and devotion. He could not see the wrinkles around her mouth, or the bags under her eyes.  He did not seem to notice her thinning, grey hair or her trembling hand. He saw, the beautiful, youthful, lively young girl he had fallen in love with, so many years ago….. and his look said that for him, time had stood still. He seemed not to notice any of the signatures left on her person by time, only remembering the fact that she was the love of his life and she was by his side, even today.

       I smiled to myself. Was it possible for eyes to speak so much?  Was it possible for a smile to convey so many emotions? Yes, I had heard it all, understood it all, in just the few seconds that I had been waiting at the signal. The woman turned to the man, saw the look of pure love, reached out her trembling hand to pat his cheek and smiled back, in acknowledgement. Her simple gesture conveyed the depths of her emotions in equal measure. She sat quietly, smiling to herself, basking in the warmth of love, glowing with the knowledge that she meant the world to someone and was blessed to have him by her side, to be able to share her life with him.

As the cars behind me began to blow their horns, I realized that the lights had turned green. I gave the couple one last look and pressed the accelerator. But the memory of the couple would be etched in my mind forever, a memory to be treasured, to be pulled out when wondering about true love and how deep is love….. certainly its much deeper than the skin!!!  




Author: sukhwinder's thoughts

on the personal front, Sukhwinder is a thinker, a mother of two teenagers and a person who is passionate about life and living. Professionally, Sukhwinder is a human capital builder with more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of human enterprise & development, administration, Facilities Management. She has worked in various sectors that include Indian Army, IT & Telecom, B-Schools and Facilitation . She is an effective communicator with excellent relationship building & strong analytical aptitude towards problem solving, has a flair for consensus building and crisis management, is an effective leader and proficient people manager. Sukhwinder holds dual Masters’Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Management from University of Pune, Diploma in material management and six sigma certification.

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