A soul is a mirror


       Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people and not with some others? Does it make you curious to know what attracts some people towards you while some others remain on the periphery or simply indifferent? Why did we, in school, ( and often still do in adulthood!) have “best friends” who were more dear to us than the others?  These thoughts have been on my mind for a long time now. I often mulled over the fact that while some people adored me, some liked me, for some I did not exist and yet a section of people who were strongly repelled and chose to stay away from me. If I am the same person, living the same philosophy each day, then what evokes this diversity of emotions and responses?

       This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror, brushing my teeth, as usual in a rush and a thought struck me. I looked at myself closer. I looked at the mirror and then at myself in the mirror. There was something I had to understand, something that was almost in my grasp. I paused my brushing and looked again. Yes!! there it was! The answer was staring back at me!

 This mirror held the explanation to my quest for why we evoke different responses from different people. Each soul is a mirror. When a person lives in integrity, with the soul and the outward conduct being in sync, the soul is a mirror for all those who come in contact with us. Each person sees himself reflected in your soul. If they like the reflection, they stay, in your life and in your circle of friends. If the reflection makes them uncomfortable, they drift away and avoid possibilities of seeing themselves reflected. It is not you they avoid, it is seeing themselves reflected in your soul mirror that they avoid. 

 It is your soul and your choice to live in integrity from inside-out. You cannot change what the mirror reflects. You cannot then, have everyone in your “best friends” list. This is what I have now have to learn to live with. Mirror cannot change as per the person standing in front of it, it will simply do what it does, reflect………



Author: sukhwinder's thoughts

on the personal front, Sukhwinder is a thinker, a mother of two teenagers and a person who is passionate about life and living. Professionally, Sukhwinder is a human capital builder with more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of human enterprise & development, administration, Facilities Management. She has worked in various sectors that include Indian Army, IT & Telecom, B-Schools and Facilitation . She is an effective communicator with excellent relationship building & strong analytical aptitude towards problem solving, has a flair for consensus building and crisis management, is an effective leader and proficient people manager. Sukhwinder holds dual Masters’Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Management from University of Pune, Diploma in material management and six sigma certification.

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